Join APHA for next year’s celebration of:
National Public Health Week 2011, April 4th -10th

Imagine other countries looking to the U.S. as a model of health.

A place where everyone has access to health care and services, where we’re celebrated for embracing healthy lifestyles, and our communities and neighborhoods make it easy for us to make healthy choices. We can make a difference.

If every one of us commits to promoting good health in our communities, we can create a ripple effect from coast to coast. Through just one neighborhood that makes its public parks accessible, one municipality that launches a bike-helmet safety program, one group of people who join together to bring fresh foods to school, or one health center that offers a vaccination program, we can create a collage of public health successes across the country.

Block by block, let’s find these small changes and make them today in our communities. The only way to become a healthier nation is to create healthier communities. Join APHA during National Public Health Week 2010 as we work together to create “A Healthier America: One Community at a Time.”

Healthiest Nation in One Generation

Tell your Story: Share how you have encouraged others to promote health and prevent disease.